Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds


The term “Chocolate Diamond” is simply a marketing phrase coined by the jewelry manufacturer Le Vian. Chocolate diamonds are another type of brown, or cognac colored diamond.

There are natural brown diamonds, and there are those that have been color treated. Natural colored diamonds are always going to be more expensive than those that have been color treated.

The vast majority of colored diamonds are now color treated (if done the correct way this is a permanent process and there’s nothing wrong with it). However, since this is a relatively new product, many consumers are unaware that a large amount of colored diamonds are very low quality.


In the end, a diamond with eye visible inclusions and a lack of brilliance will not look any better once it’s been color treated. A more expensive/valuable white diamond is used to make a vivid golden brown diamond, and a lower quality diamond less than half the price is used to make a grayish brown, less vivid chocolate, or muddy brown diamond.

If you want brown diamonds that have sparkle and a rich golden brown color, or especially if you want a larger single brown diamond as a center stone, you would be better off requesting a cognac color. Compare the differences in quality and decide what looks best to you.

If you like chocolate diamonds, by all means, buy them and enjoy them! When it comes to colored gemstones especially, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As always, just be conscious of the quality you’re paying for.

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